Entrepreneur Dad: Vijay Basrur – OKListen!

We have started a new series within Pops in A Pod where we interview guests who started a business post becoming parents. Here the guests talk to us about their entrepreneurship journey and balancing that with the parenting one.

First up we have Vijay Basrur.

Vijay has been a music buff since his early teens. His induction to music was through recorded tapes of Casey Kasem’s top 40. He has believed in buying music ever since he started working and still continues to do so.

Vijay has over 17 years of experience with various startups like Baazee.com (now eBay India), INOX, Quikr.com and Synqua Games. After having worked in startups he has fulfilled his dream of nurturing his own startup and hopes OK Listen! will serve as a meaningful, legitimate & monetizable platform for the various independent musicians trying to get their music directly to their fans.

Vijay’s daughter was four years old when he co-founded OKListen! today she is entering her teens. He tells us his side of things on what it was like managing two “babies” at the same time.

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