Grades, Marks And Everything In Between – Pops In A Pod

Exam/Test marks have help a prestigious position in a country like India. As my good friend Harshad would say in the episode at 51:35 “It’s a term used both to celebrate achievements and measure battle wounds”. A simple sentence that carries so much weight on the delicate shoulders of students, as an individual and as an entire tribe.

In India you have the quintessential “Sharmaji ka beta” (loosely translated to “the neighbour’s son). The conscientious, rank# 1, nerdy kid your farther always wanted to have but unfortunately ended up at the neighbour’s. You are constantly being compared to that kid by everyone around you, so much so that even you are convinced that he is your nemesis.

Marks have such a profound impact on you that after a point your one-track mind loses focus of all other abilities, skills and talents that you have as an individual. You find yourself running on the horse track with just the finish line as the the ultimate goal, all you want to do is come first! Great. Then what? On to the next race. After a point you notice that you’ve been taken for a royal ride because all you are doing is going round and round in circles, with no end in sight.

How is that we are not encouraged to think differently,? By that I mean outside our educational books. There is so much more to life than just studying and achieving those top grades because we are so desperate to churn out more money by doing something that we are probably not enjoying that we forget to stop and breathe and see what’s around us.

Is it so simple to give up your passions just because your parents want you to become someone who they think is suited for the society?

As you’d know by now, in this episode we discuss the importance of exam marks/grades in one’s life and how parenting plays a role in this.

We invited five guests to give their opinions on the matter and we spoke about various elements related to marks – stress, success, parental support, no age to learn, gaining knowledge and drop outs.

This is one of the most compelling episodes we have recorded in the recent past and throughly enjoyed producing it.

If you want to see what the five guests spoke about you can go straight to the part by clicking on the below time codes:

Animesh Das (Creative Director) – 7:45
Denzil (Co-founder of a language start-up) – 16:19
Rohit Mascarehanas (Director at a Telecom Company) – 26:13
Santosh SKaM Booka (Visual/Audio Artist) – 35:00
Harshad Palsule (Film Editor) – 51:34

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