The Pops of the pod

Most of the parenting content available online and/or offline is predominantly from a mother’s perspective. And the information is replete with advisory-based content – tips, how-to-parent, style, listicles, etc. Very few platforms concentrate primarily on experiences or story-based content. This is where ‘Pops in a Pod’ comes in.

Pops in a Pod is a marriage and parenting podcast from a dad’s perspective. This is not a glorified baby-sitting father podcast, this goes beyond sharing the load, where he doesn’t just play the role of a weekend parent, but is involved in day-to-day parenting.

Apart from being dads, Nadir Kanthawala and Peter Kotikalapudi are the producers, writers and hosts of ‘Pops in a pod’. They bring in their colourful, yet thought-provoking experiences on what it’s like to be a working parent and share equal responsibilities as a spouse.



Nadir currently leads the Business Development division at a digital agency. Prior to this Nadir spent a decade in TV and digital video production – producing, directing, developing content and writing

Peter is the marketing manager for an education startup. He has a decade of marketing experience with companies ranging from startups to public listed companies.

Pops in a Pod is produced by:
Animesh Das –

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