Jose Covaco aka Hoezaay – Fun(ny) Dad – Pops in a pod

Jose Covaco is probably one of the most honest comics out there. He is from Mumbai, India and has been an out-and-out media professional. He has worked with radio, television and now does his own thing as a content creator thanks to the internet.

Not too many people know this but he is a dad to a beautiful, 5 year old daughter and does whatever he can to balance his fun(ny) work along with his dad responsibilities

Jose was gracious enough to give us his time and record with Pops in a pod and take us through his dad journey. You’d usually see/hear him in a completely different space because his content is pure gold and topical. But on Pops in a pod we saw a different side of him. The parent side.

We spoke a lot, everything from the birth of his daughter, parental responsibilities to looking for content with his kid. But the most interesting bit was when he shed light about what his parents’ probably went through when he was a kid. All those memories came rushing back to him now that he was a parent.

For this episode Peter couldn’t record so it was only Nadir and Jose. You will constantly hear Nadir giggling like a little child in the background, providing a natural laughter track. Pops in a pod would also like to thank his wonderful wife for connecting us for this awesome recording experience. Listen to the entire episode on Pops in a pod on all major podcasting platforms


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