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Parenting during festivals in India

This season is going to be a strange one as far as festivals is concerned, especially for a country like India, where its people just needs an excuse to celebrate, make merry and get out of their homes. 2020 will be the year of non-celebratory celebrations. The spirit is there but heavily waned. For one I am loving this, Peter not so much because he is going to miss all that food.

Although both of us feel bad for our kids because being trapped in the home for 6 months is not easy. And now to go about celebrating festivals without all the fun and fanfare… it’s going to be worse.

On this episode the Peter and I share our stories and experiences of parenting during the season of festivals and what it was like to deal with a kid such crowded events. Be it weddings or other ceremonious events, “having fun” has changed forever for us.

We have follow-up episode to this and in Part 2 we are going to invite a mom podcaster and get per perspective on parenting during festivals

Go ahead and have a listen to this episode.

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