Episode 13 – Part 3: COVID-19 India Lockdown – Pops in a Pod

We are in Week 3 of the lockdown and things haven’t shown any signs of improving. If anything at all, the cases in India are going up and the financial capital Mumbai has become the epicentre of COVID-19 in the country. Supplies are getting scarce, the lines are getting longer, the cops are getting frustrated at the general public who are out randomly on joyrides or ambling in groups.

Our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is doing his best to keep the country engaged by handing out tasks. On 5th April he ordered the entire country to shut their lights at home at 9pm for 9 minutes and then light candles or flash their mobile torch as a sign of solidarity that we will get through this together. And the nation indulged, to an extent that people came out in groups with flaming torches and some burning crackers. Google it, you’ll see what people were upto.

But on an individual level we have been noticing a number of things that is happening to us, at least.

  1. Eating a lot more junk. Maybe because we are just bored and the least we can do is entertain our tastebuds
  2. Exercising has definitely featured a lot more too (burning off all that junk food)
  3. Cleaning (anything) in general feels therapeutic. You find yourself going after every nook and corner. It let’s the mind ponder to places where you probably wouldn’t have time to go on regular days.
  4. People around you are generally not falling sick (and not in a “contracting COVID-19” way)
  5. For people who live with other family members, house keys are not carried when going down for supplies. We all know there is always someone waiting at home to open the door

In this episode, we invited a stay-at-home dad and he gave us an insight about staying in on a regular day versus staying at home during a lockdown. You can have a listen to this in the episode.

We also go a mum of a 15 month old daughter who saw the positives of her quarantine and decided to focus on that as opposed to moaning about being walled in.

Being fenced in is tough and the only way you can keep up with the going-ons of theĀ  world is through the media, mostly the news channels and sites. But we spoke to an activist Bilal Khan, who gave us a peek into what’s happening on the streets. It’s relatively easy for us to get through this period but what of the underprivileged and the marginalised?

Please do donate in this time of need. There are people who are worse off that we are, your contributions will help. You can be a part of this by going to the below links

This fundraiser was started by Bilal Khan:


In this link you will find a list of NGOs and agencies CAUSE-wise


Listen to Part 3 of the COVID-19 India Lockdown episode of Pops in a Pod. Let us know if you have an interesting story to share about your experiences of the lockdown. Did you find your positive story in this strange time. Write to us on popsinapod@gmail.com and share your experience and who knows, you might find yourself as a guest on our podcast.

You can also leave a message on our instagram profile


The episode is available on all major podcasting platforms Apple, Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Gaana, Jio Saavn and many more. Or you can just click the link below and select the platform that suits you best.

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