She is 5 months old

It’s been five months since…

…Our daughter Z chose us as her parents

…She was pieced together from a single cell into life bag of skin, bones and a beautiful soul

…I graduated from a doting husband to a doting father

…Our world turned upside-down, but so did our frown

…Happiness transcended all other forms of emotions

…Sleep became a distant dream, ever wanting, ever incomplete

…You are responsible for driving up the sales of diapers

…We realized that crying is the new talking

…We craved time and again for a little sliver of her smile

…She declared the ceiling fan and the photo frames as her best friends, sometimes they fought bitterly

…A vaccination injection is more painful to you than to her

…Her hair started defying gravity

…My wife and I have barely spent time together alone, and when we do, all we talk about is her

…All greetings to friends and relatives end with yours, wife’s AND daughter’s name

…A two-hour window going out seems like a mission

…Two’s company but three is a joy

…You’ve been shining in this world full of darkness


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  1. Congrats!!!! So true about only talking about your kids when you have time alone …. 3y years later, my husband and I still do this!! At night before we turn out the light, we often tell each other funny things the girls did that day or imitate them. Ha!

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  2. Congratulations! Such a special time this is. It is challenging till they are three because you have to take care of them all the time, but totally worth it. Sometimes I look at tiny tots and it makes me think of when my son was that age, crawling all over the place.

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  3. ‘…My wife and I have barely spent time together alone, and when we do, all we talk about is her’ – Lol!! Bang on of my favorite topics to crib about at times with my husband..:D Great post and it is just going to get more and more fun and physically exhausting as the babies start climbing these months 🙂 My daughter just turned 9 months old and oh boy is she a handful and a joy 🙂

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      1. I know, thats the irony of being a parent..we want to watch them grow and achieve all their milestones and then we miss their earlier days when they do grow 😀

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