10 things to carry when out with baby

As parents, we always wondered what would be the ideal age to take your newborn out. We were always troubled with this thought and being new parents you would take extra caution and follow everything the doctor says. Well over the months we grew more confident and started taking our daughter out from the age of 2-months.

The doctor’s advice was not to take the baby out for almost 6 months and though it seemed to us as logical, we went against it. It was difficult for both my wife and I to go out anywhere and it really tested our sanity. We were paranoid just by the thought of it but eventually we relented and took her out and we felt so much at ease. Unless and until you don’t try it you will never know whether it was hard or easy.

We know a lot of couples who had started taking their kids out from a very young age, either through intent or compulsion. There were some who had to travel with their kids when they were only 15 days old and some around a month. These are situations that you cannot avoid, like when the family is shifting bases or the mother wants to travel back to her mother’s.

Some brave parents decided to travel with their new born on holidays and they felt at ease. Though we started with a simple car ride to an eatery and back. Thankfully our child slept… well like a baby so no trouble whatsoever. But here is a list of things that you should definitely have when traveling with a child for a couple of hours:

  1. Diapers and pair of extra clothes – Never forget these. Accidents are waiting to happen you can never be too prepared
  2. Wipes and hand sanitizer – for obvious reasons. I urge all parents to either wash their hands before a diaper change or use a sanitizer.
  3. Quick dry sheet – When changing the baby you’ll need something to lay her down on
  4.  Mosquito patches – They work wonderfully well. In fact sometimes I use it.
  5. Blanket – it’s always a safe option especially if you are travelling by car and the air conditioner is on
  6. Car Seat – Very important. In India nobody really care for this but it is absolutely necessary that you install one. We have one which doubles up as a rocker as well so we just pull it out and carry it along with us so our daughter not always on us and our hands are always free to do other things. Similar logical while in the car, it is not advisable to carry the child in your arms. The baby should be buckled in safely, accidents to announce their arrival. They just happen.
  7. Feed – This depends on several factors. Since our baby is exclusively breastfed we had a window of two hours, either we come back home or we find a place where my wife can breastfeed. If your child is older then bottle feed is always advisable
  8. Toys – Kids are unpredictable, there were times when we have just reched the venue and Z has misbehaved and we had to carry her. Toys, especially rattles helps to distract the child and give you those precious few minutes to eat/drink/chat or come up with a contingent plan, provided you don’t want to take the child in your arms.
  9. Socks/cap – depending on what the temperature is like
  10. Wash cloth – babies from their third month drool a lot so it’s always better to carry a soft napkin to wipe her mouth

There are no restrictions on taking your baby out, either for a few hours or few days as long as you are mentally and physically prepared to do this. More than the child it is important the mother goes out regularly because it is difficult to be trapped inside the house with a little child.


  1. > The doctor’s advice was not to take the baby out for almost 6 months

    What is the rationale behind this advice? It sounds extreme to me.

    Mosquito patches sound interesting. I’ve never heard of them and my poor child got bitten a lot this summer. Lucky we don’t live in a malaria zone and the bites didn’t seem to bother him very much. But they made me feel like I wasn’t protecting him!

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    1. Well… protection I guess considering most of the vaccinations are administered within that period but it’s physically not possible for the baby or the parents. The M patches are fantastic do try it out


      1. One of the many wonderful things about breast feeding is that it allows the baby to share her mother’s immune system. Of course this won’t protect her from everything but it will make her generally very safe. I guess the doctor just wants to be sure.
        At the other extreme, babies in Sweden & Finland are often let sleep outdoors in their prams, even in the freezing winter weather. The parents believe this gets them used to the cold and also helps protect them from illnesses. I’m not sure I share their confidence!

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  2. 6 months? I have never heard of that before. Then again, I have not been parent to a newborn for over 12 years. Things are constantly changing – including when to introduce what type of food. Tough to keep up with. I think all parents have to take the advice that makes most sense to them, following their gut instincts. I remember feeling like we were moving with a trunk full of baby stuff every time we left the house. It got easier. We almost celebrated the day we no longer needed a stroller and just a backpack of necessities for our then toddler.

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  3. I went out two weeks after Daisy was born for a walk to the local supermarket I tell you what it was hard work. She slept had a feed then went straight back to sleep but I was so tired after it I would not recommend walking any distance two weeks after giving birth.

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  4. Yeah, I can understand the rationale behind the 6 months thing, but we took our son out on a day to the Art Gallery when he was 2 weeks old. In all honesty, apart from genetically inherited asthma, his health has been way and above better than most of his school friends, he hardly gets the illnesses that are “going around”, and his first episode of diarrhea was just before Christmas, and he is 6 and a half years old. Also, that trip taught us that 1 change of clothes is simply not enough if you are going out for most of the day. Most parents would know what a poo explosion is, and well, 3 in a row sort of stuffs up the notion of 1 spare set of clothes !!! It’s quite fun washing clothes in the sink in the restroom and then drying them under the hand dryer !!!

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  5. Yeah, even I haven’t heard the 6 month rule, although some grandparents might sight it 🙂 But your list seems quite exhaustive..we took our daughter out many times from when she was even a month old- on family visits, or doctor visits or a stroll in the park and the likes 🙂 And we even ventured out for a weekend getaway to Lonavla with our friends when she was three months old! Its a different matter that she wasn’t too happy about all the noise, so we had to cut short our trip just so she could nap! lol! But great article, and it’s so good to read a dad’ point of view 🙂

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      1. Oh yeah, we avoid night parties or meals like the plague..maybe until she’s a little older 🙂 Funny, but we prefer brunches outdoors with the baby since she loves it- watching the birds and the trees and and night we prefer having her sleep and then watching netflix on the couch..lol!

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      2. Oh yeas! Our daughter loves the trees she can stare it it all day and she knows that she is out and loves the car rides. But at night she is a completely different creature, hates to sleep


  6. Great list! So many good pointers. In Canada, we need to have blankets for warmth (not just air conditioning since we really only get 2 months of warmth). And I had to go out with my baby to doctors appointments at least once a week for the first 6 weeks. Although I would have preferred to stay home- it made me so anxious leaving the house with a newborn!

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    1. I see people out with newborns often, it seems. Our newborn contracted a deadly virus in the hospital that I may have caught from a very sick friend a week before. I had a fever in labor. We prayed like crazy over him for thirty days as he battled in the Intensive Care Unit. He finally got healed but our next child didn’t get toted around as early as the previous children.
      I tried my best not to be overprotective over him as he grew up. I’m still a little that way with him and he’s a grown man! Not cool.

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