Back to the pregnancy

Today’s post is about nostalgia. It’s been exactly a year since we found out that we were pregnant. We were shocked to find out but not in a “oh-crap-how-did-this-happen!” kind of way. Z was a very planned baby; we were just amazed that she picked us in our first attempt.

So much so, that my wife just couldn’t believe the obvious symptoms for almost a month. I honestly thought she was falling sick due to the changing weather but clearly that was not the case.

A year ago, she was visiting the quaint settlement of Wellington, Tamil Nadu. She was taking a break in this hill station, and staying with a friend from the armed forces whose husband was pursing a course there.

No sooner had she settled into the car, making their way up to the mountains, than her friend broke some good news: she was six weeks pregnant! My wife was ecstatic for her buddy and she called me to share the news. We were so happy to hear this because some day this year we’d be in a similar position.

Coincidently, it is because of this friend of my wife’s that we both even met, dated, and got married. So we were clearly going to find an even deeper cosmic connection with her.

The two women discussed all things pregnancy the following day. My wife complained of constant dry retching in the morning. She wondered why she was waking up so hungry. She was also feeling bloaty the past couple of days and was constantly tired.

I was told that these are also a few symptoms of an upcoming period so my wife chose to ignore them. As a long-term patient of PCOS, a few days here and there on her cycle were not unusual too.

But the third day, something peculiar happened. All of these symptoms came in full force and with still no on-set of a period. They were in Ooty and she chanced upon a medical store. So the two of them decided to pick a pregnancy test and just give it a go when they got back to Wellington.

My wife tells me that there was no electricity when they returned and it was the start of the evening. She lit a candle and was quick to get to the loo and pee on the stick. Her friend was waiting outside the door with bated breath.

That’s when she saw it. The two pink-lined test (that she still hordes somewhere). She threw the door open, and announced it to her friend!

But the girls were still uncertain because it could be false positive. So off they went to the local market and bought two or three more tests to try the next morning. And as you would have it, all of them turned positive.

My wife called me as soon as she could and broke the news. For a second I thought she was going delirious in all that premium quality oxygenated mountain air. There was no way we could have been pregnant that quickly. I had this massive smile on my face and the emotions were bursting at the seams. The last time I felt like this was when I had asked her out and she said yes 😀

It was so exciting that we were already making plans about what changes to make in the room, where to place the crib, the name of the child…obviously! Just imagine, you just found out a couple of days ago that your friend was pregnant and then it’s you.

And fate has a funny way of working, my wife’s friend delivered a girl too, four days after our baby was born.

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  1. What a coincidence! Something similar happened to us as well. Our baby was a planned one too, coming after 4 years of marriage. We were lucky to have succeeded so early; and yet, we could not read the first signs of pregnancy. We were on our Anniversary trip, when I felt queasy and nauseous all the time. We discovered that I was pregnant after we returned from our trip.

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  2. I have five kiddies and when I became pregnant with my first, our test came back negative three times on three seperated days. Never having been pregnant, I was in disbelief that I wasn’t but was second guessing myself. Well, the third test was positive! The body just knows.

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  3. For our first, we tried for 3 whole months…… First sign of feeling sick…Hmmmm at a target, bought the test kit….Took it in those bathrooms and yes!!! It was happening indeed. 😂😂😂😂. These stories get me excited every single time.

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