Baby quirks at three months

“You are three months old in this world. How do you feel about it?” I asked my daughter in the most journalistic fashion possible. All she did was blow saliva bubbles in my face. So uninformed, carefree and oblivious to the things around her, wish people of all ages could live life like that.

My wife and I live vicariously through our daughter and keep telling ourselves “This is probably how we were when we were three months old, just staring at everything around us, making incoherent noises and crying to get attention.”

At three months Z is no longer a newborn, she has now entered the infant stage. No longer do we hold a smooshed up bag of skin and bones; she is growing up into a fine specimen of a human being.

There are so many quirks that I would like to share that baby Z has developed over these three months and some of them are just downright ridiculous.

We love her hair. But she loves it even more, the first thing we noticed was that Z’s right hand is always preoccupied in grabbing the locks of hair at the back of the head. She has been doing this since the first week of her birth. Then we  decided to shave all of them on the tenth day (for religious/traditional reasons) but that still didn’t stop her from grabbing her skull. Eventually when her hair did grow back she went for it with the same vigour she did when she was just a week old. And then when she is feeling a little sadistic, she twists it till it’s almost uprooted from her scalp. It really makes us wonder this uncanny fixation with hair grabbing, it’s almost like she’s going to fly off and somehow finds anchorage and solace in that hair of hers.

Z was absolutely enamoured by the photo frames hanging on the wall right above our bed. Incidentally these are baby pictures of my wife and I. She literally has conversations with them and we have seen a range of emotions that she throws at those inanimate frames. One minute she is laughing and smiling at them and the next she is shouting and crying, almost seems like she’s going through a bitter breakup.

Once she is bored with the frames her focus shifts towards the ceiling fan, especially when it’s rotating slowly. Now this is very common amongst infants, but to have a dialogue with something that goes round and round in circles is stuff that I can’t even make up.

We have noticed that she is rather talkative and that’s why everyone in the family engages her every chance we get and our heart just melts when she starts responding. We indulge in everything from prattle to actual coherent conversations (I also read news articles for her… because… why not?). We can’t wait for her to start talking.

She loves guests, we think it’s a new face fascination, she will smile at them unstimulated. She will happily go to them and stare, it gets pretty embarrassing sometimes. I know this won’t last very long, when we really want her to go to people, she will not!

Now, she has started associating her crib with sleep, so instead of walking with her in order to out her off to sleep we dump Z in the crib and she drifts off eventually after a few forced crying bouts.

When she is left with the grandparents in their room she has an ingenious way to bully them into picking her up but she doesn’t try that with the wife and I because she knows we won’t service her.

I am sure these are very common quirks that every parent has experienced but it is a truly incredible and a humbling experience to watch another human being evolving right in front of your eyes.



  1. Oh the hair!I love the idea she is anchoring herself!My children have all had lots of hair, and this took me back 18 years to our first.White English babies tend to be peachy rosy and bald or very, very blond.My dad was Anglo Indian and my husbands family Italian 2 generations back.The Eldest had a full head of long dark hair like little Z.People used to stop as in the street to marvel at it and she used to curl it around her fingers too.Love reading your blog, babyhood is extraordinary, joyful and shattering.You will be so glad you’ve written about it, because it flies by.

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  2. Haha. My baby is a month old and he does alot of farting and talking in his sleep. My wife and has made our own assumed correlation of his hand position and sleeping time because whenver both his hands stetches out, it means he is in for a good deep sleep. Looking forward to more posts!

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  3. Congratulations! We loved having babies and raising them. We had four,our youngest,our son, is 20 and an United States Marine. Our daughters are all momma’s so we are thoroughly enjoying 10 grandbabies! We miss having our kids young and we always reminisce,they just grew up too fast. Have so much fun raising baby girl :))) Jen

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  4. So cute! Regarding the hair habit, I have the same habit. I don’t think it started from infancy but I remember being yelled at by my Mom who thought I would go bald in the back of my head. Fast forward to now. At 30+y,I still pull at my hair. :-(. Somebody made the comment that I do that when I am thinking deeply. But… yeah. So I hope she doesn’t stay with it. But thank you for checking it out my blog and liking my post! Looking forward to reading more about Z.
    PS: Don’t be surprised if she decides to become a journalist, later on.

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  5. My LO pulls at her almost-hair too! She started around 3 months I’d day she reaches up and felt the peach fuzz and now she will regularly grab at it or pat it, especially if she is tired. She also plays with her ear when she is getting sleepy. It’s adorable! At 9 months, she has about 1/4 of the hair your LO has though lol!
    You mentioned shaving her hair for religious/traditional reasons, I’ve never heard of that, what culture/Religion is that from?

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    1. Hahaha. How sweet. My daughter’s hair grow straight up, literally defying gravity! And it’s so funny to see her hold her hair with one hand and suck the other. It’s like a mechanical process, one doesnt happen without the other.

      So as per legend in India all newborns go through a head-shaving ritual called MUNDAN. They say that the baby’s birth hair is considered impure hence need to shave it off completely. Obviously times are changing, but we did out of respect for our parents.

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  6. Your writing is excellent! Very good reading. Your daughter sounds adorable! She has a built-in toy, haha. Hopefully she will use her hair (gently) as a self-soothe mechanism. Better than thumb sucking!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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  7. I read through this post and I couldn’t help but think back to my son being at the 3 month stage. The prolonged starring and fascination with lights and bright colors. I’m only 7 months removed from that stage but it feels like ages ago. Enjoy this wonderful stage!!

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  8. Congratulations. Enjoy those early years they go by far too fast. Take lots and lots of pictures to cherish them. You have a very creative little darling. Don’t be surprised in a few months if she is reading baby books. I kid you not. In a couple of months she will start talking. Actually pronouncing basic words.

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