All my bags are packed… I’m ready to push

I mentioned in my first post that I will write about the importance of keeping a hospital bag ready with the important items you would need during your hospital stay. So here it is.

A month before her delivery, my wife was in her nesting phase (The relentless urge to clean and organize during pregnancy). Everything in our room was getting BabyFIED; new chest of drawers, overhead storage, clothes going here, diapers going there; you get the idea. Along with this, she started to prepare the hospital bag as well. I found her eagerness and enthusiasm a bit too premature (no pun intended). So I tried to reason with her:

“Don’t you think preparing the hospital bag a month in advance is a bit too soon?”

“No” came a terse reply while I was trying to pull a mid-size bag from the overhead storage deck from our closet.

“Why can’t you do this 3-4 days closer to the delivery date?” I said, coughing away the cobwebs.

“Because by then it’ll be a rush job and we are bound to forget something or the other. Remember that you will be the custodian of this bag in the hospital when I am lying on operation table delivering a baby. You need to know everything that there is in this bag, you have to memorize where the contents are because I won’t be around to help you.” she started to clean the bag.

Yes, of course that made sense, but I was the king of comebacks, “Yeah… I mean… like… sure… but… what if… you know… like… {ahem}… Exactly!” I put the debate to rest.

Whether you are going for natural or a planned/unplanned C-section, it is vital that you have a hospital bag prepared as you have to assume that it’ll be a minimum 3 day stay. This bag will not only have the essentials for the wife and the newborn but also for the husband, if he plans to stay the nights.

In our case, mummy and baby stayed for three nights and I stayed back all nights as well. So, I was sure to carry both personal and work-related things as well. Here is a list of items you must have in your hospital bag:

For the Mother

  • Cotton underclothing
  • Maternity bras
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Socks
  • Moisturizing lotion
  • Postpartum abdominal belt – women are encouraged to wear this post delivery as it gives excellent back support. This belt hasn’t much to do with losing belly weight.
  • Breast pads – Helps absorb any leakage once the mother starts lactating
  • Night gowns – It is always safe to carry, but usually the hospital provides these
  • Basic toiletries – brush, paste, soap, shampoo, etc

For the Baby

  • Diapers – 0-3 months
  • Cottons wraps – to swaddle the newborn
  • Baby cap and mittens
  • Cotton baby dresses
  • Baby blanket
  • Baby lotion, soap, shampoo – Though our child was given a bath the very next day, we’ve been reading that it is best not to bathe the child for at least 3 days. I suggest you’ll read up this a bit more and see what you think is best for your baby
  • Baby Wipes

For the Father

  • Office clothes
  • Night clothes
  • Cash – Always essential to have some cash on you in case you are required to get some medicines, thought usually hospitals take care of this but it doesn’t hurt to be careful
  • Work bag
  • Chargers – This is really important but you are bound to forget this in a rush and it could be problematic especially when your phone is dead and people are trying to get in touch with you.

Some hospitals usually provide the aforesaid (only for mother and child) essentials. But most hospitals provide a list and advocate that you must have the hospital bag ready as soon as the woman completes 7 months of pregnancy. It is best to be prepared because last minute panic and running around is just not worth it!

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  1. So true! My partner didn’t pack a bag and ended up leaving me and our baby to go home and himself a overnight bag. As you could imagine I was very annoyed since I reminded him on many occasions to pack a bag. He thought I was just being excessive, but birth can be very unpredictable you never know when the baby is going to come x

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  2. looks like I was the only “mum to be” immune to the nesting phase. Although I was ready a month before the delivery, and my little one arrived two weeks before it, I did not overstress with preparations. I agree, birth can be very unpredictable you never know when the baby is going to come.

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  3. Haha, I made a very similar post after I spent days trying to figure out what I would need..packed a huge bag with everything but the kitchen sink and didn’t end up using any of it..if anything my husband learned that his bag was more important than mine!

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